Street Minimalism


This season brings a renewed focus to our signature style. We've visited our hometown of Eindhoven to shoot a selection of styles on the city streets. Some key elements that run throughout the collection:


This winter collection showcases a carefully chosen palette, contrasting earthy winter tones with fresh pops of pink, spearmint and cherry reds.


Always our strong suit, from the recognizable duo-dot logo to more subtle graphic elements. This season is full of statement branding.


We've sourced a selection of great materials to bring this collection together. Think Portuguese Somelos fabrics and that heavyweight sweatshirt cotton.


Good quality at a great price is what we're all about. We're working with excellent manufactures across the globe, with 80% of the collection now made in Europe.


The perfect balance of form and function. This seasons jackets pack the technical punch required to keep you dry, warm and fresh in the coldest months.