The go-to jacket for any occasion, this bomber is a staple item for many of the Ontour team. This season we've redesigned the Bombay to be lighter and more flexible for an updated spring silhouette. Here's what makes it worth a second look.

Bombay Fabric


For this edition, we made the Bombay in a faux-suede. It’s soft to touch, just like the real thing. We made it using a polyester blend that’s finished to resemble the texture of suede leather. Why not use real suede you ask?

Well, to start we’re able to make the jacket more durable by using a polyester substitute. It lasts longer and looks better with age. It’s also easier to care for when it’s been well used. Finally, the fabric is breathable and lightweight which makes it perfect for a summer jacket.


We wanted to add some unexpected details to the Bombay and decided the interior was the best place to start. Each jacket has a contrast lining with an ‘All About The Journey’ print.

The lining is made from a satin-feel polyester while the graphic is screen-printed. They’re the kind of details that aren’t immediately obvious, but that anyone with a curious attitude will want to know more about.

Bombay Fabric
Bombay Fabric


Each of our three Bombay’s has a different coloured zipper. The metallic finishes in copper, brass and steel add a complimentary flash to each of the jackets.

These chunky zippers are from Japanese manufacturer YKK who make roughly half the zips on the planet. They're known for their consistent quality and durability which is exactly why we use them.


This Bomber isn’t short on pockets either. The chest features a slim line flap pocket while the each side panel has reinforced pockets too. Open the right-hand side of the jacket and you’ll also find a hidden interior pocket to stash your most valuable items.

Bombay Fabric


Splash Jacket

Bombay Jacket Black

Liner Jacket

Bombay Jacket Navy

Field Jacket

Bombay Jacket Sand